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Teresa’s program is an outstanding, innovatively tailored approach to getting and keeping seniors physically fit. The difference between her approach and others - she brings her skills to your house and gives you non-judgmental one-on-one instruction and encouragement. Result: physical capabilities that we thought would be limiting forever are going away! Teresa’s positive demeanor and encouraging approach make the workouts fun and challenging. Thanks to Teresa, we plan to be back on the golf course by spring and when we get there it will be because Teresa has shown us how to age confidently and have fun!
Dave and Connie

Colorado Springs   

I had bariatric surgery in May to help me lose weight and thereby relieve debilitating pain stemming from a spinal lower back problem. I was grossly overweight and close to being immobile. The surgery was a success and the weight started dropping off. It was then quite clear that now, to truly relieve my back, I needed core strength training. I was overweight and sedentary for so long, my body forgot it had a core. I started working with Teresa about two months ago, and the results are already so tangible, I'm thrilled! Teresa is not only a no-nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, down-to-earth person, she also took the time to research my back condition to be prepared for what we could do together and what not. We go totally at my pace, I don't feel pressured or stressed. I look forward to our sessions every week. Seeing the results from just two months, I can only imagine what progress I'll have made in another two! It is not easy to imagine for a healthy person what excess weight and debilitating back pain can do to someone's morale. There is no quality of life and I was not able to do my own grocery shopping for several years because I could not walk around in a store, nor carry my groceries from the garage up to the kitchen. I did not do my laundry because I could not navigate the stairs in my house, let alone carry up washed clothes. Now I shop weekly, just because I can, and when I am at the top of the stairs with my grocery bags, I think of my core and Teresa! I do tons of laundry and enjoy the triumph of carrying it back upstairs and putting it away in the closet. I can bend down, get on the floor and back up, put my pants on while standing up - all things I was not able to do for years! This is truly a life changing experience for me and I give the credit to my surgeon and Teresa!

Colorado Springs   

My 92-year-old mother had become a balance queen and a 'comedian' after only a few weeks with Teresa. A broken hip and pelvis had thrown her for a big loop. After surgery, rehab and home therapy, she is maintaining her strength and improving her balance at home with Teresa. Plus she's become a clever quipster, sparking off of Teresa's lively personality. Teresa really has my mother's number. It's a delight to see these two work together.

Colorado Springs   

My one on one training with Teresa totally makes my day! I simply love the fact that she has her full attention on me when we train. I am also a member of a local gym and was always intimidated,and felt totally uncomfortable of others watching me, especially when I was doing weight training. The one on one training I get with Teresa is fun, she always makes sure that I don't ever overdo it with weights and that I always have perfect form. Teresa is such an awesome trainer and I am very glad that I chose to have a life changing experience!!! She is very knowledgeable and professional. LOVE <3 my training sessions!

Colorado Springs   

Three months ago a good friend told me about Teresa and Life Changing Fitness. At the age of 95 I had nothing to lose but everything to gain, so I decided to call Teresa. I cannot tell you how happy I am for making that call and the difference in me in such a short time. Before calling Teresa and starting to work out with her I struggle to just be able to stand up. It would take me 3 attempts before I could actually stand. Now I have more strength in my legs and I can stand straight up on the first attempt, and I am able to use my walker once again. Teresa is more than a personal trainer, she gets to know you and wants to help inspire and motivate you to make a difference in your life. She not only helped me get the strength back in my legs, but she inspired and motivated me and built my self-confidence back up.

I would highly recommend Life Changing Fitness!

Colorado Springs   
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